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1JZ/2JZ MT Harness + Fueltech FT550 COMBO!

1JZ/2JZ MT Harness + Fueltech FT550 COMBO!

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1JZ/2JZ MT Engine Harness + FT550 + Complete Nano Wideband COMBO!

Compatible in most front mount engine rear wheel drive vehicles, this 1JZ/2JZ Fueltech FT550 engine harness meets the needs of most. 

Built with Mil-Spec ETFE Insulated Electric Wire (Tefzel wire) we strive to offer top quality harnesses.



  1. TPS
  2. Engine Coolant Temp. (ECT)
  3. Oil Pressure
  4. Fuel Pressure
  5. Flex Fuel
  6. AIT
  7. FW Speed
  8. RW Speed
  9. 2 Step Switch
  10. A/C Switch

Outputs besides injectors and coils:

  1. Boost Solenoid
  2. A/C Compressor
  3. Radiator Fan #1
  4. Radiator Fan #2
  5. Fuel Pump


Included with wiring harness is a fuse and relay box with 5 fuses and relays as fallows:

  1. ECU
  2. Injectors
  3. Coils
  4. A/C
  5. Starter

Harness is set up to having to connect 12v switch, starter signal, A/C switch signal, battery ground, and outputs to stock relays for radiator fans and fuel pump (for FT550 to control).

That is all it takes to get you ready for tuning.


Please select injectors and coils used on set up to have correct connectors on harness.



-1JZ/2JZ MT FT550 Engine Harness


-Complete Nano Wideband or Nanopro

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